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A newsletter opportunity
by Aaron Turner - Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 8:48 PM

We had our final class of the year this Monday, and as we were breaking up, one of the parents told me we needed to keep in touch.  On the spot I came up with the possibility of creating a newsletter to send out to former class members.  Over the past two days that idea has solidified, as I suddenly found myself wondering what to do with all the free time I now have after completing the development of the latest course.  And so the idea of the "All of the Above" newsletter has been born.  

Since I know that all of our inboxes tend to get filled with things we don't need, I don't want to go sending a newsletter out to my entire course mailing list (there are 105 of you!).  Rather, I am sending out this note to ask if you want to receive the newsletter.  For some of you its been 10 years since being in my course, so the kids I taught may be out in the real world now, though I'd be happy to have you give me their addresses if they might be interested.  My rough plan is to do this monthly - with the understanding that not all my plans for recurring activities pan out.  So, if you are interested in receiving something from me every month, please send me an email (, and I'll put you one the newsletter list.